Lestat's KoFFiN

The KoFFiN

The Words

The Mystery

The Sign

Gateway To The World

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LestaT's KoFFiN

The camera cannot lie. But it can be an accessory to untruth. - Harold Evans
Just some old pics.. tried scanning new ones.. but the face doesn't change, just the waistline.. *LOL*.

-The Band(its)-
the memory remains

Ye DiL... Kya Kare..

-The Jam-
OoPs !
I'm in my BOXERS !

-The Angels-
sent from above

The Guardian
"KontRoL hEnSeM SaT.."

-The Girls-
"Where's my towel?"
"Ask Dad.."

"... what is a whole world of imagination... if compared to a speck of the REALITY..."