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GateWay To The WoRLd

These are the links to the outside world.

Just in case you get tired of our dull site.

Free ! Free ! Free !
Fancy having a 'yourname'@metallica.com email ? A free mail server with an unlimited MB of space. Tak percaya ? Register dulu baru tau...
Theatre Of Dreams
The greatest football club in the world of modern era. Needs no other explanation.
Encyclopaedia Metallica
This is not an official Metallica homepage but the information regarding the best heavy metal band is the best of all.
Get In The Ring
The official website of the most dangerous rock n' roll band in the 90's.
Experience what we had whilst serenading to the poetic sounds of Pearl Jam.
Queen of Pain
See, listen and love Alanis Morissette.
Join the Spiderweb